Hytera PDC760 old FW 1.00.01A update procedure

Radio update from this version is not performed now by MDMLite and you don’t need any info file/license. Version 1.00.01A  do not have usb connection enabled !
  Right way and the only way is :
Need to contact Hytera, don’t go to Hytera dealers as they are unable to doit.
Once they agree to help, they will ask you to have a fully battery charged, connect your radio to a stabile wifi network, they will provide you an ip adress to input in your radio under hytera id menu and they will perform a fw update from they MDMpro  side enabling usb connection once 2.5 will be deployed.
Other way to doit is if you have MDMPro license wich will allow you to connect your radio via wifi and perform a fw update from your pc.



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