Motorola Evolve – This is how you doit !

    Clear is not what I was expected.  And in a good way.
The first thing noticed was body material. Not plastic or classic ABS as I was thinking. Body material is the same as Motorola LEx11. Awesome. This device is really built to withstand multiple drops during the daily use. Easy and comfortable to hold it, and it just sticks to your hand and wish to take it home.
Big and clear screen.  At first glance the screen may look fragile due to size but is not. Quite nice, protected by radio body design and been a Gorilla Glass Display is a top choice.

    Power on/volume knob it just gives you that  „use if a radio” not a mobile phone straight away. Accessing device volume so easy even if device is placed in cradle/own holster it just make your work way easier.
Rear camera was spot on scanning some of my qr codes for apps activation, so happy with.
Clear and loud audio quality (really loud if you ask me) Had some tests alongside with other dedicated PoC devices and there is a big difference. Even in a noisy environment or on a busy motorway traffic with all that background noise, you can still hear it with no problem.
Intuitive Android settings that do not need any training for use and the side buttons will just complete the simplicity for daily use of this device.
Clear microphone modulation despite the IP68 protection applied. Normally, mics are a little bit muffled, but this is not the case.
System itself is running quite fast with all my apps running and cannot see any delays or freezes.

    Used GPS location for outdoor and indoor, where outdoor was superfast, and indoor location acquiring was over decent considering where i was in the building.
I did like the bottom sides charging cradle contacts, allowing the user to put the device on a charging cradle without accessing the charging connector and avoiding damages. As contacts are placed in the sides not on the bottom will avoid bad contacts, accumulating dirt or oxide in a daily basic use.
Battery hold over my expectations after let’s say „an aggressive day of use” with all systems/apps opened and in use. Well done.

    Ah, it has Wave Ptx preinstalled, how cool is that. As I’m using other devices in my network, including Motorola R7 and DP4801E, Motorola Evolve was easier to integrate.
As cons in my only personal opinion I would point the micro USB charging port, where I would like a C- type one, impossibility of Wave Ptx app update independently to firmware (where in actual config it makes sense through), and Evolve holster construction allowing user to fix the device only with face back not both ways.


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