RugGear RG750 with Motorola Wave tests

   A little bit funny but True
Based on my experience and also a shared previous negative encounter with the RugGear RG725, one of my customers has requested me to test and ensure seamless compatibility and optimal performance, according to „my standards”, between the Motorola Wave PTX and RugGear RG750 for a possible integration in his fleet of PoC devices.

    Started the testing process from scratch, disregarding my past encounters with RugGear devices.
With my expertise and experience using Motorola Wave, I confidently affirm that it is currently the best Push-to-Talk communication service available. It combines the advantages of broadband communication with the simplicity of two-way radio functionality, facilitating instant voice communication, text messaging, and data sharing over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks.

    According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the RugGear RG750 is designed to withstand challenging environments, including extreme temperatures, water immersion, drops, and dust.
Consequently, I subjected the device to a series of rigorous physical tests to ensure it meets the required durability standards and satisfies my client’s requirements.

     These tests encompassed drop tests, vibration tests, immersion trials, as well as evaluations of BB network, Wi-Fi, audio, battery charge/discharge rate, touchscreen responsiveness, and physical button functionality.

     To evaluate the performance of the RG750, I conducted multiple scenarios and tests on both 3G /4G networks and WI-Fi also. These assessments focused on call quality, data transfer speeds, and network stability. The results confirmed that Motorola Wave operates reliably and without interruptions on the RugGear RG750, even under challenging network conditions.

Moreover, I paid attention to ergonomics, user interface responsiveness, and overall usability. The objective was to ensure that users can effortlessly navigate the features of Motorola Wave on the RG750, without compromising the ruggedness of the device.

     After comprehensive testing that covered physical aspects, connectivity, and user experience, I can confidently state that the RugGear RG750 is a high-quality rugged device, surpassing the RG725. It can be used at any time in rugged industries such as construction, utilities, and commercial sectors. However, not really confindent is suitable for public safety as advertised due to some Android related issues found.

    With the added advantage of Motorola Wave’s advanced communication capabilities, this device really enhances efficiency, safety, and productivity for users in the field.
Even if I was really disappointed with my experience with RG725 cannot say the same thing for RG750 tested.

    I am anticipating purchasing one for personal use as well!